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Backing up a People Strategies SQL Server in a Workgroup

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While performing an audit of our backup procedures and resources, I have found that two of my SQL Servers are not backing up the SQL Server instance.  I don't know if this makes any difference, but these are People Strategy SQL Servers.  I am using Backup Exec 12.5 on a W2K3 R2 Server box.  The target servers are both running W2K3 R2 in their own workgroup.  The user that I am using is a domain admin on the Backup Exec Server and attempting to use the local account (same name and password as the domain admin account) which is a local admin and a backup user.  When I attempt to check the SQL Server the Logon Account Selection fails stating:

"An attempt to connect to SQL Server has failed.  The logon account may have invalid credentials, or the logon account may have been applied to the wrong resource."

I then attempt to select the non-default user and still receive the same error, however, it does not appear to have used the account I select.



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As I understand,
1  : We have 2 SQL Servers which are in Workgroup
2  : We are using the Domain Admin Backup Exec account for Backups
3  : There is Local Admin Account with the same name and password as Backup Exec Domain Account

Solution 1:
1  : Try to add the Backup Exec Domain Account in the Loacl Admin Group on the SQL Server
2  : Try to Add the Local Admin of the SQL Server in the Backup Exec console
3  : Open the Selection List-->Resource Credentials-->Change to the Local Admin Account

Solution 2:
1  : Create a new account in SQL with SA rights
2  : Add the account in Backup Exec and Change the Resource Credentials.

Please let me know the results....

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Hi Lee,

Adding a domain account onto a workgroup server will not work.
Rather create a user account on those workgroup servers, and give them the necessary admin permissions.
Once done, on your BEWS server, create those accounts in BEWS under Network tab as Server1\accountname (password), and Server2\accountname (password).
This will allow you to use that username/password when you back it up. Try browsing to those 2 servers in BEWS, and use the username/password you just added in.
Obviously have the SQL agent installed too.