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Backing up a virtual server running SQL 2005

I have a virtual server running SQL 2005.  Every time the backup hits this node the job basically gets hung.  It is still running but nothing is really happening.  I have to restart the services on the backup server to stop the job.  Attempting to cancel the job will never stop the job even though it says that is what it is doing.  I have numerous other virtual servers (more than 50) that are backed up fine, this is only one that running SQL however.  My backup server is running 11d rev 6235 with SP2 and Hotfix 27 installed.
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Re: Backing up a virtual server running SQL 2005


Are you able to backup this server by itself or does the job just hang as well?  Can you check the remote agent version on that server to make sure it is the same as the media server?