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Backing up deduplication store on BE 2010

I am in the process of setting up a new be 2010 infrastructure and was looking at DR. I need to backup the deduplication store weekly, and was wondering is it possible to backup the directory to tape or is it not as straightforward as that? I realise that the directory itself my be in use whilst I am backing up which may cause the job to fail, if so has anybody else successfully backed up the dedupe store and if so, how?

Many thanks for your inputSmiley Happy
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Hi,If you want to take


If you want to take backups of Deduplication Storage Folder, you need to browse through your BE Media server, under "Shadow copy components", "User data", you'll find your Dedup folder;

Just select that resource and create your backup job/policy.

Ps. If haven't changed on BE 2010 R2, you can only run Full backups of your Deduplication Storage Folder. Might want to consider running duplication jobs of your backup jobs targeted to Deduplication Storage Folder, it depends how large your Dedup Storage is, how much you have tapes and so on...

hi there, many thanks for the

hi there,

many thanks for the quick reply. I have tried that but now I am presented with another issue that has popped up. Towards the end of teh backup my job hangs with the "Communication stalled" status and then eventually gives up.

Do I have to backup the data store like this or can I simply back it up, by backing up the flat file directory on the drive itself?

Thanks again...