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Backing up desktops/laptops

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I am trying to figure this out. I am getting conflicting information. If I purchase BE 10 do I have to purchase the Desktop/Laptop option to backup those computers? If the desktops are in the office all the time can Backup Exec backup the desktops automatically? I was told I only needed to purchase the Desktop/Laptop option if I had remote users. I do have some remote users that I would probably use that option for. I just didn't want to have to purchase a license for the desktops that never move. Thank you for any information you can give me.

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Incase some desktops are static (not a remote users) then you backup them just like any other remote machine just by installing the remote agent and purchase the DLO for those systems which are remotely connected from time to time so they can benefit from DLO by synchroising offline files and folders during backup.

Alternatively, desktop userswith full access to the Desktop Agent interface can schedule backups, select which typesof files to back up, restore files, synchronize file versions between different computers,and view the status of their backups.