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Backing up selective folders in a home directory

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I am currently running backup exec 15 in my organisation. 

At the moment all of the users personal network shares are stored under one folder called "Home Directories". It is currently configured as one backup job and this backup is over 2TB, which takes a considerable amount of time. Each folder is named by the users firstname.surname.

I want to separate the jobs so we have 4 individual jobs backing up folders that begin with A-G, H-M, N-S & T-Z

I can create a job and select the folder A-G and this will work fine, however if we have a new starter in a months’ time when their account is created and their new personal network folder is created this folder will be excluded from the backup selection.

Is there a way I can select folders A-G that includes any new folders with names A-G being created in the folder?


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Any change in structure requires a new full backup, as a base. After a full,  the newly created folders should be on back up.

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Well one way is to create a split subfolder structure


\HOME-AG\AUser1 to \HOME-AG\GUser20

\HOME-HM\HUser1 to \HOME-HM\MUser20

\HOME-NS\NUser1 to \HOME-NS\SUser20

\HOME-TZ\TUser1 to \HOME-TZ\TUser20


and then specifically create your 4 jobs to ubackup[






Unfortunatley this will involve you getting each user to reconnect to their home path (might involve changes to logon scrips that will need groups etc) and will need changes to the process for taking on new staff and creating their network accounts


But once you have done this you can use dynamic inclusion within the folders.


This might have another advantage - if you setup like this and then run out of disk space it would be relatively easy to then move one group of users over to a newly added empty volume at a later date.