Backing up to disk on solaris cifs shares

We had some extra hardware and rolled out a solaris box that has been running cifs shares that we've been using for storage.

I was wanting to use some of this storage as a backup to disk folder for our backup exec 12.5 CASO server to use but I can't get BE to see any of the cifs shares.

This despite that I can open the folder fine with exact same credentials from within the 2003 server itself.

Permissions on the cifs shares are 777 and I gave full access to domain  admin on the shares itself.  In backup exec if I try and connect as root or the domain admin, it will not connect.

If I start up the ralus agent I will be able to connect using root credentials, but this only allows me to backup items on the server itself.  I want to send backup jobs TO the server.

Anyone have any ideas?


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...unless it is a

...unless it is a device/appliance like a NAS that runs CIFS, I doubt this is going to work. Always check the Hardware Compatibility List for your version of BE to make sure that your device/setup is supported.

It's going to be like backing up to a shared folder on another server, which is definitely not supported by BE.



Disable NDMP on the solaris

Disable NDMP on the solaris boc and that shuld take care of this issue .

I rebooted the solaris box

I rebooted the solaris box and notice the permissions changed to 770 so I went back and changed it to 777 and then connected via windows to checked the permissions on the folder.

If the group 'everyone' is added and given modify, then I can add the folder as a backup to disk folder.  I tested it with a couple of jobs and it worked great.  The minute you remove 'everyone', nothing works.

Of course, I would greatly appreciate not having 'everybody' being able to access to our backup to disk folder so I'm still trying to figure out why adding every logon account in BE to the shared folder, still won't allow me to add it as a backup to disk folder..

Thanks for the suggestion about disabling NDMP, I did have it enabled earlier but disabled it earlier once I gave up on the virtual tape library option.. maybe I need to try nexentastore..

Either way, if you are not worried about security, cifs targets running on solaris runs great.

The network account are used

The network account are used for backing up the NAS and the backup exec service account (BESA) it need access to the devices i.e backup to disk folder on Nas in your case. So you need to make sure the BESA account have full admin rights on the NAS box.