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Backing up to external USB hard drives

Level 2
I am looking for advice on the best way to configure the system to backup to external USB hard disk drives.
We currently have a number of them and were planning to do a weekly full backup when drives are swapped and a daily differential.
The problem is that the job is failing when drives are swapped.
Do I manually have to set a different drive letter to each drive and schedule a separate set of jobs for that drive?

Level 6
I think that they totally dropped the ball here, but according to Veritas (now Symantec) you must mount each physical USB/Firewire drive on it's own unique drive letter
That is Drive1 must always be mounted as Q:, Drive2 as R:  etc
You should be able to create a media pool that consists of all your B2D folders and then point your jobs to that pool, and grab whichever USB disk is mounted

Level 2
I have found that Backup Exec will not always dynamically find a USB drive after it has been plugged in and thus it will not be available as a backup device. I have found that if you stop and restart the Backup Exec services that it will force BE to rescan for devices and the USB drive(s) will then become available to use for backup processes.
On Windows you can create a batch file to stop and restart the BE services and then set it to run automatically using the task scheduler at some point after the USB drives are swapped but before the scheduled BE backup process begins.

Level 6
You can also Pause and Unpause the associated B2D folder, rather than a complete cycle of all services