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Backup 11D over 7 hours to backup 160GIG

Level 2
We recently uninstalled backup exec 10D and installed a fresh full copy of 11D. We have since noticed our backups on our LTO2 drive went from taking just over 3 hours with a full verify to over 7 hours. The only thing that has changed here is the software. Same media type and same tape drive. IBM t400 LTO2. We are running Windows Server 2003 standard with SP1. When we installed Backup Exec 11D we verified there was no problems with the OS and applied patches running live update. We also used the driver supplied with Backup Exec 11D for the tape drive.

160GB being backed up.

The drive properties for the drive is as follows:
Block size: 64K
Buffer Size: 64K
Buffer count: 10
High Water Count: 0
Write single block mode and Write SCSI pass-through mode is all that is checked off.
Any information to help us regain our backup time is greatly appreciated.

If more information is needed please let m eknow and I will supply it.

Level 3
Are you using the Encryption feature of 11d? When we turned this feature on, our average through-put went from 853.40 MB/min to 498.26 MB/min.

Level 2
No, we are not using Encryption at all....