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Backup 15 Temporarily Marks some tapes as cleaning

Good Morning,

I am running Backup Exec 14.2 with all the lastest updates as of September 1, 2015. We are using to an HP EverStore MSL4048. 

When we insert our weekly tapes in our backup rotation, Backup Exec sometimes thinks that some (not all) of them are cleaning tapes. If we do an inventory, Backup Exec always retrives the correct tape numbers and converts them to the correct type. This issue has presisted though a chassis replacement. We would like for Backup Exec to always recognise the tapes on the first try without the need for an inventory.  How can we do this?


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Hi, If you have barcodes on



If you have barcodes on the tapes you can run a Scan and it will pick up what's in the library. However, without a Scan or Inventory BE will never know what's available, and there is no way to get around this.



I understand that you need to

I understand that you need to tell Backup Exec to check for changes. My issue is that the 1 minute scan returns incorrect information, so I need to run the 40 minute inventory. I would like a way to fix the scan so that it stops incorrectly catagorizing tapes as cleaning.


A scan should give a proper

A scan should give a proper report of the bar codes in the library.

How are you changing the tape in the library?  Are you using export/import jobs?  or are you  opening the library and doing a bulk load?

Can you attach a scan job log showing incorrect bar codes, immediately followed by an inventory job log?


So if you use barcodes, have

So if you use barcodes, have you made sure that none of your "production" tapes have CLN as part of the barcode?

What does the library's interface show if you run a scan? Does it show the tapes as cleaning media?


It doesn't sound the problem

It doesn't sound the problem may be repeated each time. However, if you can capture a trace during of a scan that has failed then please attach it on the next post to this thread. There may be a check condition reported by the tape library which could expose the problem.


Using SGMON, follow these steps to start the capture process (prior to running the scan):

  1. Run the folllowing program: C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\SGMon.exe
  2. On the Debug tab's ribbon, click 'Stop Capturing'
  3. On the Debug tab's ribbon, click 'Clear Console'
  4. On the Debug tab's ribbon, click 'Capture'
  5. On the drop down menu, put a check in the box next to 'Device and Media'
  6. Click 'Capture' to collapse the drop down menu
  7. On the far right of the SGMon menu, click 'Settings'
  8. On the left click 'Device and Media'
  9. On the right, put a check in the box next to 'Enable verbose logging'
  10. Select OK at the bottom to close the settings window
  11. At the top select on the Edit tab
  12. Select 'Clear Log' on the far right of the ribbon
  13. Select 'Yes' to clear the log
  14. Back on the Debug tab, select 'Start Capturing'
  15. Start the scan in Backup Exec
  16. When the scan completes select 'Stop Capturing' in SGMon
  17. Attach the following log to this thread: C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\Logs\<server_name>-SGMon.log

Hopefully something will be obvious in the log that may narrow down the problem and/or expose it.