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Backup 2 Disk Duplicate Jobs

Level 2

I need to have backups to disk running overnight and duplicate jobs running to tape during the day, currenty i have it set up so that once a job to disk is finished it will be ready to be copied to tape. but i would like to set it so that no jobs are run to tape untill all jobs running to disk are complete.  how can i configure backup exec to do this?




Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

You can schedule the duplicate jobs to run at a specific time when all other backups are complete...have you setup a stand-alone dupe job or are you using a policy ?

Level 2

i have stand alone duplicate jobs, for scheduling a dupe job for a specific time i know i would use the "duplicate existing backup sets" option, but i also have my backup to disk jobs using the overwrite option, so my question is does the overwrite option create a new media number and if so how would i have the duplicate job use the newly created media numbers?

thanks, and please let me know if this needs more clarification.