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Backup 2015 DLM not running

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I have a CASO setup with one VM running the CASO role and three media servers on different locations. The media servers are physical with big D: and E: drives (only local disk, no removable disk or so), disk storage + dedupe storage.

Catalogs are stored centrally and all servers run 2012 R2 OS and Backup Exec is fully patched with the latest patches as of today.

Our normal backup procedure is to run the backup jobs to disk and then duplicate to dedupe storage, we also do some optimized duplication from one media server to another with duplication from dedupe to dedupe storage.

We installed all servers early September and everything is running fine except that the disk storage backup sets will not be removed by DLM even if they are expired (or manually expired by right clicking and selecting "expire").

I installed another server to test earlier today and noticed that in the audit log (on the new test server) I could see that DLM log an event for every backup set it removes and it works just fine on that setup. This is a completely independent backup exec instance and only runs one backup job for test.

In the audit log of our "real" backup server there is not a single entry logged by DLM from day one which is really strange.

I logged a case yesterday with Veritas/Symantec support and the test we agreed on doing was to first run an inventory of the disk storage and when that didn't help we decided to do an inventory + catalog as well, since we have 39,5 TB of data to process it will take a while so I decided to try it on one of the other media servers instead (which is not fully used yet) and it didn't help so instead of just waiting until Monday I decided to write here to see if anyone else have experienced the same issue.

I have tried with (and without) the "Allow Backup Exec to delete all expired backup sets" enabled with no change of the result.

Anyone who has information that can help me, it would be very appreciated?



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When you do a manual delete, did you do it at the server which does the backup?  Did the audit log shows any activity when you do so?

Have you also tried converting the MMS into a stand-alone server and see whether DLM does kick in?