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Backup Compression Backup Exec 2014

Level 3

I'm running backup exec 2014 on server 2012 R2. I'm backing up a shared directory that has about 850 GB of data using hardware compression. The backup is still running and say's it's already backed up over 1.8 TB which is larger than the amount of data being backed up. Is the hardware compression not working or is something else happening? Thanks.




Level 3

Additional piece of information from my original post.

The backup is running on a Quantum Scalar 50 robotic library. Is Backup Exec 2014 or the Scalar 50 suppose to handle the compression? or Both?


You stated that you were using hardware compression.  Therefore the tape drive in the robotic library is responsible for the compression.

If you were using software compression, the the Backup Exec software would be doing hte compression.

The byte count displayed while a job is running has nothing to do with compression.  It is a byte count of data being processed.  The running job has no knowledge of how well the hardware compression is or isn't working.

If your byte count for a running backup job is higher than you expected it to be, then I would suspect that the backup job selection list is including more "stuff" than you are expecting.