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Backup Definition Properties Selection list blank

Backups have been going fine for years and I haven't had a reason to go in to this section of Backup Exec in a while. Recently I realised that I had the incremental tapes storing for 2 weeks and decided to switch it to 1 to be in line with my other backups and conserve tapes. This is when I found that the Selections list was coming up with a red X and blank list. 

Whats weird is that other than this the job and it incremental work as expected. I have 5 seperate jobs, which do not have this issue, but this one happes to be our core job that backs up 17 servers. I Just wanted to see if there is a way to get the selection list to populate again with out having to delete and reconstitute that job again. Ran a database consistancy check but no issues were found. 


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Re: Backup Definition Properties Selection list blank

Is it possible that the System Logon Account for BE is changed (either username or password, or both)? 

Have a look on this article: