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Backup ESXI linux VMs

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I'm trying to understand how backups of ESXi Linux virtual machines work on backupExec.

Do we need to install an agent? If so, i suppose Rallus, but it's an additional feature we need to pay?

I'm getting an error when trying credentials on a few Vms but not on others. How this works?

thanks in advance



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For VMware backups, you do not add credentials for VMs - you add credentials for Vcenter or ESXi server.

All you need on the Linux VM is for vmtools to be installed - no BE agent.
You will not be able to restore files/folder - only full VM. 
GRT option is for virtual machines that use a Windows operating system only.

Please have a look at this article:

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Please have a look at this post:

@Colin_Weaver wrote:

As GRT is not supported for Linux VMs (and the error is trying to login to the OS of the VMs and not VMware itself) you need to disable GRT and not actually expect the credential checks for inside the Linux OS to pass


Thamk you Marianne for your help! Very helpfull!

Altought I'm still getting troubles on the credentials. Not sure why.

For example, I have two Linux VMs on the same ESXi that one the credential validation works but not for the other.

Both servers have the same VMware tools version instaled. I've attached doc with more details.

I’ve tried with the ESXi root account and the vcenter root account.

What could be the diference on those two Vms tht makes on two work but not the other?

thanks in advance!


Ah ok. I see you post where it's saying that on linux the validaton it's not needed.

I'll give it a try!

thanks once more!