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Backup EXEC 2012 Tapes Ejecting

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Hello All,

I have Backup Exec 2012 Version 14.0 Rev. 1798 on Windows server 2012.   I have about 20 jobs running at the end of the month to HP Storage Works LT0-6.

Problem is that some jobs complete and and eject the tape forcing a new tape to be used even though the tape is less than 1/4 full. also some jobs have two jobs when clicking on edit job forcing me to pick one to modify.

Any ideas on how to proceed with the tapes being ejected before the tape is full would be great.

Settings are

-Full backup last friday of ervery 1 month

-Storage: Any tape cartridge

-Append to media, overwrite if no appendable media is availabe

-Media Set: Keep Data for 4 Weeks.


Thank you for any assistnace.



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If you are using a stand-alone tape drive, then the tapes are ejected because the option "eject tape when job completes" are set.  If the tape is still appendable, then you can put the tape in again when the next job starts.

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As well as PKH example - tapes wil also eject if you set the jobs to start as overwrite and teg tape is not overwriteable (which I would expect it not to be overwritable if data was written to the same tape earlier the same day.)


It might also eject the tape if you have not inventoried the tape since it was last changed. (Not tested this thought however)

Thank you both for the reply, I have verified that the jobs are not to eject once a job has been completed. I am also using two LTO tape drives in the HP storage works.

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Is this device some kind of library that holds multiple tapes at the same time?

Just puzzled by your 2 tape drive comment


The word eject does not apply to library based drives as tapes do not stay inserted in the drives when no jobs run as they get returned to the storage slots. Libraries do import and exports (if you have a mailslot) but not ejects.


Also I would recommend getting off BE 2012 as the single server per job model (that we introduced in BE 2012) does not help with managing tapes, which is why BE 2014 allows you to create multi-server jobs