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Backup Excec V-Ray Tier A License and Tier B CPU

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we have right now 4 Host with Intel E5540 CPU and 8x Tier A license for Backup Exce 15. Vmware 6.0.

When we now upgrade for only 2 Host with 2x E5-2430v4, can we change these 8 Tier A license to 4 Tier B lincense? Or do we have to buy complete new licenses?




Employee Accredited Certified

As we now sell BE 16 licenses and as the V-Ray Tier concept does not exist in BE 16 what you can buy for V-Ray will no longer mention Tiers.

Your options are

Upgrade to BE 16 and use the new license model, (BE 16 licenses for upgrades are free if you were on maintenance with BE 15 when 16 was released, but you shoud carefully check the HCL and SCL before taking this step as support for older technologies has been dropped)

Purchase the BE 16 licenses and then speak to our customer care team to downgrade them back to BE 15. versions (with Tiers)