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Backup Exec 1.5 With PowerVault TL2000 on Fibre Chanel

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 Hello, I need your prompt help. 

I have a solution for Oracle 10g RAC, the two servers being connected to the same SAN as a Switch, the solution is install a switch connected to the PowerVault TL2000 Fibre channel, the servers are in envirement Red Hat 5 and have installed a separate server the Backup Exec 12.5 on Windows 2003 as I make Backup Exec PowerVault TL2000 see the device as this is connected to the switch and not where I install the Backup. 

Thanks for your prompt help.

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Hi Erick,

Look at SAN SSO option with Backup Exec 12.5. What this will allow you to do is to share your tape library over the SAN with any other server you've configured. This makes use of the SAN speed, not your LAN, so there is no impact on local LAN traffic.
It gets configured on your backup server (licensed), and the wizard configures the system, and shares the library. On your other SAN server, you'd run the wizard and point it to your backup server. You need to run a full version of Backup Exec on every server you want to take advantage of this.
On your SAN switches, you need to zone them so that they see the HBAs in each server, which is also zoned along with the tape library. So follow your SAN switch makers best practice on this.
With this in place, you can go and install and configure the SAN SSO option.

1. Tape Library + Primary Backup Server (however many HBAs you have in order to have minimum 2 for 2 switches + 2 HBAs)
2. Tape Library + SAN SSO Server (as above for zones)

To read up a bit more on it, download the administrator's guide for BEWS here:

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If the Oracle databases are installed on Red Hat and form a RAC - and you need to write data directly from the Red Hat systems to the library without going over the network then you will probbaly need to look at a combination of the Oracle Agent and the Remote Media Agent for Linux (RMAL)

RMAL is designed ot work on Linux platforms and to allow protection of Oracle data direct to a library - you will need to check that your operating system is supported and whether or not RMAL can be used with a RAC though