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Backup Exec 10.x directory restore from tape

Level 2


I am not at all familiar with Veritas/Symantec BE. We have picked up a nonbooting Dell server that had a degarded RAID. The client worked with Dell support to force a drive online and now the %sysroot%/system32 folder is empty. There are tapes with a month old backup, but no BE boot disk. I want to try and restore the missing directory from the tape(s).

I have a couple questions to determine if this even makes sense to try.

Can I download a bootable ISO to get me into a Veritas recovery environment? Will I need "catalog" files or otherwise not located on the tapes?

These answers should get us started.

Thanks in advance!



Level 3

the recovery environment can be used only with the Intelligent disaster recovery disks. Otherwise if you have a full backup of data you can reuild the server and then install backup exec run an inventory and catalog and then run a restore for c: system state first restart the system and then restore other data if any, make sure before you run restore the server name is exactly same as it was.,

Level 2
Hi Mandar,

Thank you for the reply. Looks like we have some work to do.