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Backup Exec 10d: BE with Notes Agent does not see Notes databases

Level 2

First some details: BE 10.1 (10d) Rev. 5629 with updates: SP2, HF 43, HF 45, HF 46.

I have a Lotus Notes Agent installed on the media server (Windows 2k3 SP1 fully patched)

Lotus Notes version on Windows 2k SP2 fully patched.

The problem began with a normal regular backup. For an unknown reason the backup process stalled on the lotus notes databases. After removing them from the selection list the regular backup was working again without the notes databases (we backup several servers). Since then we tried to solve the problem but were unable to see the notes databases for some reason or another. Nothing special happened which could have caused this. No specific updates, no firewall changes, no infrastructure changes.

When trying to select Notes databases BE just shows the options "Databases on..." and that's it. It shows no individual files (NSF, NTF or other).

I tried several things to solve it. Reboot the Media Server and notes server, reinstall the agent, several options found here with regards to this issue, following guidelines in:

And several other support documents.

Please help.

Level 2
Shameless kick. I'm a bit desperate to find a solution to this problem.