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Backup Exec 10d - server service not starting

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I've a windows server 2003 box where the backupexec server service won't start. It sits trying forever until you kill the servicesmgr.exe process.
If anyone can help it'd be great but I'm ready to re-install and would like to export licence and selection list info if possible (with services stopped remember!) . Are these held as files anywhere? Having to look through old install notes and paperwork for licence key will take longer than re-installing! (someone else installed originally)
Thanks in advance.

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Check this tech article, it might help you:

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thanks , but it's the server service that won't start. device and media is OK. Loads of dependancies through RPC, workstation etc but I don't get an error back about service dependancies, it just hangs forever.

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Could you give some information on error message you see in the application event log when you try to start the service? Any recent changes you remember after which it stopped working? Do you have Microsoft Outlook installed on this machine with Backup Exec. Make sure to set MS outlook as default client if it is present.


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Event ID 7034 - the backup exec server service terminated unexpectedley.It has done this x times.

There are also errors in there from the RAID driver (cpqcisse.sys) , unfortunately it's been set up on the same controller as the disks instead of the separate SCSI card (wasn't me!!!) , but it's been like that for ever and worked so I don't think it's related. I think the RAID controller was changed recently.Ever known that to cause server service issues? Disks are still working OK. Might be worth looking at.

NT backup ran fine last night as a workaround, backed up all my SQL DBs to flat files first too so pressure off a little bit!

EDIT: no outlook on server.These errors in system log, app log clear.

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I would advise you contacting support for further diagnosis, as this is an issue with service crashing. Change of controller should not be the cause for this issue. reinstalling of course would be the easiest way out, though. But, again for reinstalling, it would be good to contact support as if not done correctly, you may lose catalogs and backup exec jobs.

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Thanks, is it free? Have never contacted before.

I'm going to try starting services with scsi cable disconnected first though. More downtime though...

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I would suggest you to start the all BE services on the local system account

i.e beserver.exe
beagent.exe  (backup exec agent browser)
BE device and media service and SQL server (BKUPEXEC)

on successfull restart of the services.

open the console Click on tools | Backup Exec services | Change service credentials 
 and then type in the same account and the password for the account which was used in past

Let me know if this resolves the issue if not please let me know the event ids generated in the application log in the event veiwer

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PLease read the following carefully:

1) If services are not running then dont change any settings. 
Login the BE server with your SLA, i.e. the account that was used to install and configure BE.
2) Open Services console from Start---->Run----->Services.msc.

3)Find out all BE services and re-enter the login name and credentials.

4) Dont start services.

5) Find out 'BEUtility.exe' present in installed directory of Backup Exec, and double click it. It will prompt for Yes or NO, say YES.

6) In the window at right hand side find the BE server, right click and say check data consistency, repair database.

7) Again right click and say start services.

8) wait till services start.

9) OPen BE server console and check the configuration.

10) Verify all services and running.

Please let me know for any further queries and configuration help needed.


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hi  i tried all above and still backup exec server service does not start.

what i did is update backup exec to 10d , then put in HOTFIX 6 (i wanted to be able to backup sql2005), then the problem with the service started and i updated be to 10d SVC PACK 4, still same error, i also did a lot of windows updates on my media server which is a windows 2000s erver...
please help