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Backup Exec 11D - End of Life

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Hi Team,


My customer needs help in restoring data from Backup Exec 11D, they are one of our oldest client here in the Philippines. 

They need to restore data in BE 11D however we don't have a link or installer available on downdloads as of today.


Any link for BE 11D or any workarounds to restore their data?






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The latest trial version of BE should be able to read the backup set, so download that, install it and try. Otherwise, if the client has active maintenance you should log a call with Veritas for assistance. But downloads to BE 11d are no longer publicly available.

So to cut the story short BE 21 can restore old files from BE 11D?

What if the tape that they've used was too old and not compatible with BE 21?

So to cut the story short BE 21 can restore backed up data from BE 11?

what if the tapes that they've used is too old and not compatible with BE 21? Would that be an issue?

Level 6

Anything could be an issue.  You are trying to restore data made with a product that is 13 years old.  Since that ability is not tested or officially supported, you may be the first one in the world to attempt it.  Since this is not intended for production use, you will probably be violating a number of compatibility lists, but desperate times call for desperate efforts.

What type of tape cartridge is it?  Back in 2006 a lot of different tape formats were supported.  DAT/4mm, DLT, SDLT, 8mm, SLR, LTO1, LTO2..
Do you have a working tape drive that can read that tape cartridge?
Do you have an appropriate HBA to connect the tape drive to a server?

Are you trying to restore simple files?  That is possibly going to work.
If you are restoring databases or anything that required a BE agent, it gets much trickier and you must have someplace to restore these things to.

If you were to get your hands on BE 11d, would you have a server with an operating system that it runs on?  I believe that BE 11d would not run on any modern operating system.