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Backup Exec 11D - Need to restore files to a different server due to a crash

I have a sbs2003 that is no longer functioning.   I have the backup exec installed on another server and I have the backup drive.  How do I get the BE11D to see the backup so I can do a restore.

I have been reading the manual for a procedure to catalog the exisiting backup. HELP!

Thank you


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Hello, does the drive show in

Hello, does the drive show in Backup Exec?  Was the SBS 2003 server that crashed the media server?

1) connect the drive to the

1) connect the drive to the server where BE is installed 2) define a B2D folder to point to the folder containing the old backup 3) inventory and catalog the B2D folder 4)you should be able to see the backup when you create a backup job