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Backup Exec 11d and Distributed File System with Replication



We have 4 servers in 4 different locations, headquarter and 3 branch offices. Between HQ and the branch offices we have some shares configured with Distributed file System with Replication (DFS-R). Each branch server has their own backup solution running Backup Exec 11d 7170.

When I create the backup job on one of the branch servers everything looks fine and it also looks fine when running the backup. when I try to do a restore I can't see anything in the file structure except some empty folders with the DFS-R hidden folders.

If I check the Shadow Copy Components I can see all the data but when I select a folder and try to restore it, the restored folder is empty.

The HQ server is "only" running BE 10d and it works perfectly, don't have to use Shadow Copy Components.


Any idea of what is going wrong?