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Backup Exec 11d - connection to database is lost

While running Backup Exec 11d I get the following error:
The connection to the Backup Exec database has been lost.  Make sure the network cables are properly attached and plugged in, and that services are running for the SQL Server on which the Backup Exec database is installed.
The database is installed on the same machine I am running the backup on.  When I click OK I enter the network administrator user name and password and everything is back to normal.  It does not seem to be stopping the backups from continuing, I just cannot see the status of the jobs.
I am running on Windows XP SP2.  All the services are running using the network administrator ID and password.  I tried a local ID, but was getting the same results.  I have all the updates and patches that I can find.  This occurs if I am backing up the local machine or a server running the agent.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Backup Exec 11d - connection to database is lost

I am sure you would be helped about it, Just gotta post it at the correct place :

Re: Backup Exec 11d - connection to database is lost

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Re: Backup Exec 11d - connection to database is lost

Thanks for not flaming me guys!
I saw this question a lot and wanted to let everyone know what I found to solve this.
I had to have the PDC as the primary DNS server.
I did not set this unit up, and it had external DNS set.
So many things that have to be set up right..... Smiley Wink

Re: Backup Exec 11d - connection to database is lost


I keep on getting the same error! But only after weekends - after a server restart, the most things are back to normal again. Except a view joblog entries are missing and a few duplicate jobs did not start (seem to be finished, but there is no copy on the tapes and no log entry).

i can generate the database error with removing more than 1 job log entry from more than two month ago.

i am in contact with the mail support but it did not help and i did not receive any new possible solutions.

i have already tried to 1)repair database ... 4) delete database ... (the advice from the e-mail support), but it did not help.

any suggestions?

Windows Server 2003 Standard
Backup Exec 11d - Version 11.0 Rev. 6235

Thanks & regards