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Backup Exec 11d jobs stopped working on SBS2k3

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Hi, we had a backup exec 11d solution running on a server that worked very well. Some weeks ago the backup-job stopped working telling there would be "no idle mediaservers available". Thats when the problems started.. so what we did is the following:

- restarted all the services

- restart the server

- reinstall the backup exec software

without any changes.. then we tested the following:

we took the tapedrive (HP Ultrium-2) tested it on a clean sbs2k3 with the windows backup solution, tape backup worked, installed backup exec 11d, backup on tape worked as well.. so far.. we put back the drive into the server where the problems occured, using another pci slot and the backup worked!

when we changed the config slightly by telling the job to eject the tape once the job is done successfully, the backup was completely screwed again, no matter which tape, same issue as mentioned before occured, we installed a new version of backup exec 2010 r3, with that the program does only occasionally tell us that there would be no idle media available, but no matter what we do, asking the tape to be ejected, asking it to inventory the tape, it does like nothing, even after 9~10 hours of letting it inventory the tape..

any idea what else to check or test?


Employee Accredited Certified

Do you see any hardware related events(7,9,11 or15) in the event viewer ?

Check if the server is in paused stated.

Level 2

i got an event that repeats over and over again as long as BE is trying to do as task:

Die Beschreibung der Ereigniskennung ( 129 ) in ( Lsi_scsi ) wurde nicht gefunden. Der lokale Computer verfügt nicht über die zum Anzeigen der Meldungen von einem Remotecomputer erforderlichen Registrierungsinformationen oder DLL-Meldungsdateien. Möglicherweise müssen Sie das Flag /AUXSOURCE= zum Ermitteln der Beschreibung verwenden. Weitere Informationen stehen in Hilfe und Support. Ereignisinformationen: \Device\RaidPort1.

would be translated like the following

The description for Event ID ( 129 ) in ( Lsi_scsi) cannot be found. The local computer may not have the necessary registry information or message DLL files to display messages from a remote computer. You may be able to use the /AUXSOURCE= flag to retrieve this description. see Help and Support for details.. For more information. For more information, see Help and Support. Event information: \ Device \ RaidPort1.


what i conclude from that so far is that it might be a hardware error (?) :\

that wouldnt really explain why it worked once we put back the tapedrive once having it tested on another server tho, but anyway, thanks so far, totally lost track of the events, if u got a concrete idea about that event, just shoot ^^