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Backup Exec 12.0 Login as non admin

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We are trying to spread out the day to day tasks of changing tapes and running reports in Backup Exec.  I have given a normal user remote desktop access to the media server, but when they try to run BackupExec, they are prompted with a login box to access the media server.  Their password does not work.  I use the service account password to get them in, but I have to do this everytime they run BackupExec.  I do not want them to have the service account password.

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The RemoteAdmin app has always required an Admin Account on the media server.  (Just like the console itself)

There used to be an Add-On called ExecView that would allow non-Admin users to view status and/or reply to prompts, but that disappeard when v10 was announced

There have been multiple posts asking for something similar, and it was a common subject on the STN Enhancements area

But from the response from Veritas and now Symantec we'll probably never see something like it again

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You can create another account for Backup Exec.
I'd suggest doing that. You can create the user on that Windows server, and create the same user in BEX. Give it Backup User rights.
Try that and see if it works.

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I found that adding the user to the "Backup Operators" group (Builtin/Backup Operators) worked for me.