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Backup Exec 12.5 - Advice with B2D

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Hi all

I've inherited a 12.5 system, 5 servers all Win2003, everything backs up to a 6TB NAS so no tape.  Each backup is around 300GB.  I've never used BE before so a little lost with the terminology I just want to ensure I'm doing it right.

I basically want to allow the system to do daily incrementals with a full on Sunday and to use all the disk space, i.e. only start overwriting the backup once disk space has been reached.  Is that an ideal plan or is it better to put a time limit on the backups, i.e. 6 months

Would I just need to:

create a media set for 6 months
create a B2D folder
create the actual backup job

I'm a little lost on the append and overwrite settings....

Sorry very new to this.



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You cannot choose to overwrite just when a disk is full you can only do time based overwrites based on the media set properties.


Also would recommend you always start disk based jobs as overwrite - for starters it makes time calculations for retention easier but also avoids some possible pitfalls later.

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See this BLOG:

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Many thanks chaps....

One more thing, whats the best way to go about implementing a new backup routine.  I want to delete what's in Backup Exec and start fresh but don't want to lose the backups that are already there - just in case.

I remember reading about a database/catalogue tool where you can reset the data, should I first make a copy of my existing backup files to other storage area and a copy of the program file/backup exec etc folder

Then run this tool?


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This article should help ~