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Backup Exec 12.5 Install Errors V-225-226, V225-27, V225-53

Trying to install Backup Exec 12.5 on clean install of Windows 2003 Server

Receiving these errors before install completes:

V-225-226, V-225-27, and V-225-53

Checked into all the solutions provided and nothing seems to work to resolve this issue.

This is a new install of W2k3 Standard with SP2 and all patches from Windows Update...

Never had a problem installing Backup Exec on any server in the past....

Any ideas would be appreciated!




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I would suggest you to

I would suggest you to manually install a named instance of SQL.

During installing Backup Exec use the above named instance.

Refer to


Thanks for the suggestions...

Thanks for the suggestions... I manually created a named instance and started the install again. It seemed like it was going to work but right at the end it stopped and rolled back the install.

The error list is now:

V-225-226, V-225-230, V-225-205, and V-225-118


RahulG: I tried the registry suggestion and the appdata path is correct