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Backup Exec 12.5 Media Sets Problem

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I created 14 media sets and saved 5 tapes in each media set. But there are something odds. Every day, after the backup job. the tapes will be moved to another media set which one is not assigned for it. Did anyone meet this problem? 

For exemple, I have a tape - monday a1 in media set monday. After the backup job, the tape is moved to media set wednesday. 


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Have you checked your Append/Overwrite Protection settings on ech media set to make sure they are correct?

Could be a case of the Append/OPP settings being configured to retain the tapes for a short period, meaning the tapes become overwritable. Once this happens, they can be placed in any media set after being used by a particular job.

Also make sure that BE 12.5 has the latest service pack and all additional patches installed.


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it's possible the database has a problem. Go to BEUtility in the Backup Exec directory to run a database repair and see if that helps