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Backup Exec 12.5 SBS cannot backup nas box

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Hi all,


I've done some searching around and am still stumped by this one, I have Windows Server 2008 SBS edition with Backup Exec 12.5 SBS edition, according to the licence screen it's got a licence for SBS Premium edition of BE.  I need to backup the data on a Drobo-FS NAS box to my weekend backup for offsite storage.  I've been into Tools - Options - Network and Security and enabled the backup of user defined shares.  Then I've created a new job called Saturday Backup and Right clicked to add new user defined shares, i have one mapping for each of the three shares on the drobo and each is ticked.  Inside the job properties window I can navigate through the tree and see data on the device without an issue, I've turned off all AOFO and GRT options, even in sections of the job properties which aren't needed because I'm out of ideas basically, I've also tried installing a licence for the Remote Agent for Linux which hasn't helped either.


When the backup job runs, I get the usual error about no remote agent for windows service found which is to be expected, however, it never backs up any data at all, the size field says 128.  All of the other daily backup jobs which do the local machine, sql/exchange/vss files/system state work without a hitch, BE is running with domain admin credentials and a user of the same name/password exists on the drobo to avoid those issues.


I've seen comments about at least one remote agent for windows must be installed, but I dont have any options for that under the install on local machine menu in BE, and obviously if I go to Remote in the tools menu then I can't do it there either as I can't install on the local machine.


For now I've had to resort to a batch script which seems a bit daft!


Does anyone have any ideas please? I'm stumped :(




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BE won't backup shares. However, in your selection list, you'd ideally add those shares in as: \\IP_Address\ShareName. BE would need full access to the NAS (ie. Admin rights) in order to access the device to back it up.

Furthermore, just confirm that the NAS is on the BE 12.5 HCL...check below. If it isn't, it's going to cause some problems getting it backed up:


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Hi Craig,


Thanks for your feedback.  According to backupexec's documentation it does support backing up of shares, and one has to enable the option of allowing backups of user defined shares, then it also details how to map those shares within the selection list.  The link provided doesn't appear to work, but I know the Drobo-FS doesn't have a backupexec agent installed, I just need a flatfile, non-vss, non-grt backup of the shares it exports once a week, I can even live with the error complaint about the remote agent not being found, which is documented as expected behaviour, but all of the documentation advises the backup should proceed anyway.


Additionally, I can browse the shares in backupexec and test the credentials in the job properties which confirms it can auth, I've manually added an 'administrator' account with the domain admin password so there is sufficient access to browse and read/write all shares on the NAS device.


Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction to get this working, obviously having to use a batch script with some xcopy commands seems a bit odd when enterprise class backup software is installed.



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When you enable the backup of shares, all it does is that you would be allowed to select shares in your selection list.  For example, on Server1, you have shared directory D:\Dir1\Dir2 as Share1.  You can tick Share1 in your selection list.  If you disable, the backup of shares, Share1 would be greyed out and you cannot tick it in your selection list.  However, you can still back it up by adding \\Server1\Share1 to the user-defined section and back it up.  You should do like-wise with the shares on your NAS.  That is, add their UNC paths to the user-defined section and back them up.

When you say you mapped the shares on your NAS, I hope that you are not talking about mapping them as another drive letter on your media server.  Mapped drive are associated with the on-line session.  As soon as you log off, they are gone.  BE runs as a batch job and it cannot back up mapped drives.