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Backup Exec 12.5 and SQL 2008

Level 2
I recently installed Backup Exec on a Windows 2008 SQL 2008 64-bit machine. I noticed, backup EXEC is using SQL Express 2005. I will rather have it using my SQL 2008. 
Is that possible ? if yes, how do I move the database and uninstall SQL 2005 Express
Is it a good idea ?


Level 6
Its recommended to let your backup exec databse run on seprate SQL instacne . You have an option to move the database to different SQl server or SQl instance . You can Browse to C;progaram files/Symantec/Backup Exec  Look for utility name Beutility . You this utility u can move teh database to the different Sql instacne . But its not a good idea to have a backup exec databse on different Sql instance as if we peroform any maintainace or when u install the updates , it might stop the SQl servcie and ur production DB may loose connectiviy .

Level 6
Before performing the steps take the backup of the data and the catalog folder .
1. Open the BEUTILITY console
Location: \Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\
2. Right-click on All media servers and select the new media server
3. Browse and select the respective media server and click OK
Note:Check the server status on the right hand side pane; the server should be up and running.
4. Right-click the media server and select New Backup Exec database location
5. In the Change Backup Exec database location window, select the Destination SQL server  or Provide the "SQL SERVER" instance name (default or named instance) where you want to place the Backup Exec database, from the drop-down menu
Note: One can also directly type the name of the SQL server instance if it is not shown in the drop-down list.

Note: Do not create the BEDB database on the SQL server before starting this process. This will be created automatically by Backup Exec.

6. Once you have selected/entered the SQL server instance name, click OK
7. The change of BEDB location is in progress
8. BEDB is getting detached and re-attached to the new SQL server instance
9. Backup Exec database location has been changed successfully

Let me know if this helps .

Level 6
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refer to below mentioned link which will give you step-by-step details (with exhibits) for migrating BEDB from SQL express to SQL server and vice versa...

This will surely solve your query...