Backup Exec 12.5 error V-79-57344-34083 using AOFO

I have seen a thread with identical issues hopwever none of the solutions seem to work


V-79-57344-34083 - AOFO: Initialization failure on: "C:". Advanced Open File Option used: Symantec Volume Snapshot Provider (VSP) for Windows Server 2000 only.


Snapshot provider error (0xE0008523): Symantec Volume Snapshot Provider (VSP) cannot snap the specified volume. Restart the target computer, and then run the job again.

Check the Windows Event Viewer for details


I have tried restarting the machine , uninstalling the agent and removing all trace of it, adjusting the settings of the job but nothing seems to work

My job completes but has exceptions everytime and i am unable to install the patch due to company policy , is there anything elase somone can suggest ?







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I beleive the server you are

I beleive the server you are backing up is Windows 2000. Do you have the windows 2000 service pack installed?

The job is basically a simple

The job is basically a simple backup of the C; on a Windows XP PC

So any specific reason you

So any specific reason you dont want to back it up using VSS. I mean for Advanced Open File Option  you can select Automatically select the snapahot technology or Use Microsoft VSS and the backup should go successful.

You should uninstall both the

You should uninstall both the remote agent and AOFO on the WinXP machine, then push out out the remote agent again, but WITHOUT AOFO.  AOFO is meant for Windows 2000, not WinXP.

In your backup job, you should turn on AOFO and use Automatic.

Thanks that worked great ,

Thanks that worked great , the backup ran successfully when I unticked the option to use any snapshot technology at all

Well If you trun AOFO Off the

Well If you trun AOFO Off the open file would get skipped from backup. I would suggest you to try Setting the AOFO with the Automatically select the Snapshot technology Option.