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Backup Exec 12 Jobs Hanging

Is there a way to keep Backup Exec 12 backup jobs from hanging active when there is no tape inserted? 


One of my clients is using Backup Exec 12 to do nightly backups to tape.  They have a single tape drive located internally to the server that they rotate tapes in nightly.  I have setup two scheduled jobs, one to inventory the tape, set to run a couple hours before the start of the backup job, and the backup job is set to run then eject the tape when finished.  

My problem is sometimes the client does not insert a new tape.  When this happens, the next job that is scheduled to run starts eventhough there isn't a tape installed.  Then that job hangs showing active.  Sometimes the next day when they insert a tape it will start the backup but most of the time it requires me to manually cancel the job to get them back on track.  

Any suggestions how I can work around this?  



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There is no way around this

There is no way around this problem.

At most, you can schedule an inventory before the job starts and then from the alert which can be e-mailed to somebody in the organisation to ask them to insert the new tape.

Hi,      You can setup a


     You can setup a Alert to cancel the job after certain time if it is requesting for Media. In Backup exec 12 under tools then alert categories Please setup the alert Media Insert for Automatic cancellation after 1 minute. If this option is set then Job will be automatically canceled after 1 minute.

Please go through the below tech article.