Backup Exec 12 and VCB



I am about to upgrade to 12 from 11d and was wondering if there was anyone out there using VCB? We are about to go virtual in 6 weeks and dont know much about the said product??? I have heard its a bit messy for restoring and you need to do scripts to do the backups?


At this stage it would be the file level backups i am interested in as we have other methods for out tier one servers.


So i suppose my question is..


How easy are the scripts to put in place for about 10 servers

How easy is it to restore to a different location?

Any problems/bugs with 12 and VCB


Thanks in advance



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Re: Backup Exec 12 and VCB

Has anyone Replied to this? Where you successfully? I am getting ready to set this up on my server and any insight would be appreciated.