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Backup Exec 12 - can't install any updates - gives error 1324 "The path Program Files contains an invalid character"

Like my subject says.  Windows SBS 2003, running Backup Exec 10 and SEP 11.  I had to reinstall Backup Exec about a month ago to fix some issues where it wouldn't do a backup-to-disk (Terastation).  The backup-to-disk is now working fine, but I can't get any of the service packs or hotfixes to install.  I've tried installing them manually, through LiveUpdate, and with the Backup Exec services stopped.  Each time, I get the same error 1324 "The path Program Files contains an invalid character".  Have reviewed various logs, including the "hidden" Symantec one, with no success.  I've deleted the contents of the Live Updates\Downloads directory, forced it to redownload the updates, and still no luck.

I've manually skimmed through the registry searching for phrases like "Program Files" and "BackupExec", but did not spot anything wrong.  I've run CCleaner to clean the registry, but it did not find anything related to Backup Exec.

All of the updates (various hotfixes, SP4, etc.) were installed in the past, and really about the only things that've changed in the past month were upgrading from Symantec 10 to 11, and then having to reinstall Backup Exec.  I have no idea where it's looking, or what's wrong with the installer, that it keeps thinking "Program Files" contains an invalid character.

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Are you installing the sql

Are you installing the sql instance on the remote sql server or the BE server. Please make sure you install the sql on the local server and see if it works

Yes, SQL is installed on the

Yes, SQL is installed on the local server.  This doesn't have any affect on LiveUpdate running.

I received a tip on another website to check the registry settings for CommonFilesDir and ProgramFilesDir, but both of these were set correctly, also.

Any other suggestions?  :*(