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Backup Exec™ 15 Delivers Performance and Simplicity for Hybrid Clouds

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We’ve made great strides in evolving the Backup Exec platform to meet the needs of our users. In recent years, the market has increasingly indicated that the most critical qualities in backup and recovery are ensuring that the product performs well in their environment, delivers consistently successful recoveries, provides tools to determine if deployments are operating optimally, and supports new platform releases.  These qualities remain the cornerstone of our guidling principles for product development. Continuing on that path, today we are announcing the general availability of Backup Exec™ 15, an updated version of our award winning backup and recovery solution that delivers capabilities to help customers address their core needs while staying ahead of the changing landscape.

Hybrid is the Model

The hybrid cloud model has created new customer needs for tools that manage information in increasingly complex infrastructures. This complexity has heightened demand for support of new cloud-enabling capabilities and driven an acceleration of our efforts to deliver capabilities designed to address dynamic, modern infrastructures.

We have established a "Hybrid is the Model" motto across all of our product development plans and the Backup Exec 15 improvements are a direct expression of this approach:

  • Backup Exec now extends its industry leading support for VMware with capabilities that deliver advanced integration with vSphere 6 including:
    • First solution for the small to mid-market to support VMware ESXi 6.0 and VMware vCenter 6.0
    • Software-defined storage support: VMware virtual SAN (VSAN), VMware Virtual Volumes (VVOLs)
    • Hyper-converged infrastructure compatibility: VMware EVO:RAIL
    • Enhanced virtual machine support: support for large virtual machines with over 2TB volumes and GPT disk, support for SAN restores and enhanced SATA disk support.
    • Compatibility with vSphere 6.0 security certificate management
  • Extending Backup Exec’s support to more hybrid platforms, the latest release integrates with the AWS Storage Gateway VTL cloud service. As a result, IT organizations can accelerate agility by seamlessly migrating existing and new Backup Exec jobs to Amazon’s cloud storage via the storage gateway VTL. This seamless integration enables customers to take advantage of cloud storage benefits including automation, elasticity and Pay-as-you-Go directly from Backup Exec without spending the time and resources learning and managing new products or re-architecting environments.

Initial feedback on Backup Exec 15 indiciate that our hybrid approach is resonating extremely well with customers. “Using Backup Exec 15 means that I sleep well because our physical and virtual environment is fully protected,” said Caroline Kiel, Founder and CEO of PingUs Solutions. “I’d choose it over any other backup and recovery solution any day.”

Simplified Licensing Model

Finally, Backup Exec introduces a simplified licensing model with the new Backup Exec Capacity Edition Lite. The Backup Exec Capacity Edition Lite includes protection for VMware, Hyper-V, Microsoft Applications, Microsoft Windows Servers and more licensed in a simple per TB licensing model. This new edition provides comprehensive protection for virtual and physical environments, making capacity-based licensing and all-you-can-eat consumption in reach for all. The full Backup Exec Capacity Edition, also licensed per TB, provides all of the features and functionalities of Backup Exec including Data Deduplication.

Available Now

Backup Exec 15 is available today and can be downloaded directly from Symantec File Connect: If you’re interested in learning more, here are some useful links including an opportunity to get your hands on a FREE 60 day trial version: