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Backup Exec 15 Error with Amazon S3 Config

Hello everyone,

I've seen a thread open by @Lazo86 and resolved by @BackupMikko which describe the exact problem I'm having right now, but for me that solution isn't working. Here it's the link:

In my case, once I write the server name ( and the user/password to connect to the AWS Bucket I have this error message:

Fallo configuración almacenamiento en la nube.jpg

My O.S. is Windows Server 2012 R2 and my Backup Exec 15 is Ver. 14.2 Rev. 1180. And, of course I've downloaded and changed the CloudProvider.xml file.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Backup Exec 15 Error with Amazon S3 Config

I'd suggest you log a case with Symantec to get this resolved. You're going to get better assistance there than in the threads for this particular case.


Have you installed FP2 ? 

Have you installed FP2 ?  Click on the BE button - Installation & Licensing  - View Installed Updates to verify.

Download link for FP2 -

Lastly, does changing the locale & language to English help ?

Hello @VJware, Thanks for

Hello @VJware,

Thanks for your response. I do have installed FP2:

Actualizaciones instaladas.jpg

How can I change the language of my Backup Exec??

No need to change the

No need to change the language of BE. Change the locale/language of the OS itself to English and check. If error still occurs and password requirements are met, pls log a formal support case.

Ok, I'll open a support case

Ok, I'll open a support case 'cause I've just tried to change the local language but I'm getting the same error message.

Thanks for your help ;)