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Backup Exec 15 Exchange Backup failed database not mounted

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I have recently taken over managing an exchange server and having issues with backups not deleting the log files.  We have a DAG with two servers.  We recently started running out of disk space on the servers.  Exch1 has the Public Folders database and currently 0 bytes available so that database will not mount.  Exch2 mounts the user databases.  We were running out of disk space and worked with Microsoft to clear the log files on Exch2.  I was told there was some corruption in the logs and that was why they were not truncated.  So now Exch has 1.9 TB free so no worries there.  

So I was instructed by Microsoft to run my full backup and it should delete the log files.  Ran the full backup on the DAG and it backed up all the user databases.  But the report says the backup failed because of the database not mounted.  Which is the Public Folder.  So it did not truncate the log files.

My question is at what point should the logs be purged?  Is the fact that backup "failed" because the database was not mounted...would that cause it to not purge the log files?

Hopefully I explained this right.  I am a novice when it comes to exchange server backups.  This has been dumped in my lap due to staff changes.  Thanks in advance for all your help and information.


Robert Braun

Partner    VIP    Accredited

Have you made sure that Advanced Open File Option is not enabled for the job? If it is, turn it off and try again.