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Backup Exec 15 Lost Dedup Password

Hi Everyone,


We're trying to help a customer recover data after a BE server failure. They lost the C: drive of the server but not the D: drive which is where their dedup storage was. They don't have the dedup user password. We're an old Symantec partner and had a copy of BE15 NFR left over from our partnership. Veritas support refuses to help, despite active maintenance through July 2021, because it's NFR.

I'm disappointed in Veritas. VMWare provides support on NFR products. Anyway, I'm reaching out to the community to see if anyone can help.


Kind Regards,




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Re: Backup Exec 15 Lost Dedup Password

Hello All

Try the procedure in the end of this technote.


Re: Backup Exec 15 Lost Dedup Password

3. If the password is not known, then it needs to be manually changed following these steps.
For versions up to 8.1.1

Even though above is a NBU technote but this can be followed ( I have highlighted which section). You can change the install path to where BE is installed why executing the command. After changing the password in spa database 
make sure to update the password in BE logon accounts as well. Then try to re-import dedupe.