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Backup Exec 15 agents

I was trying to add the agents to the machines that I wanted to backup but when I add the file RAWS32 and then try to run the setup file I get an error about the path and DVD?  A box pops up 32-bit media required, then current installation could not locate install media then when hit the browse but and go to the file for the agent software, it tell me The path selected is not valid installation DVD.  Which I have loaded already on the C: dr.

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Why don't you just push the

Why don't you just push the remote agents out to the remote server from the BE console?


...and are you sure you're

...and are you sure you're not supposed to be using the x64 RAWS agent?

Is the OS you're trying to install the RAWS agent on supported as per the BE 15 SCL?



I have tried to push out the

I have tried to push out the remote agent but get different errors, just thought I needed to add the agent to machines because its a different version of backup exec.  I used RAWS32 because its a 32bit.


When the pop up appears for

When the pop up appears for selecting the installable media, do not point it to the RAWS install files. Instead point it to the actual BE installer itself.


it only allows me to a folder

it only allows me to a folder and no files within the folder, like setup.exe


If i recall, it would be

If i recall, it would be prompting for the .msi and not .exe

The point which i was trying to make was - Do not browse to the RAWS32 or RAWS64 installation files. Browse to the folder or DVD which contains the complete BE installation files.

Also, I have rarely seen this issue during the install of Remote Agents. If possible, I would instead recommend to uninstall the remote agent and then install the newer version of the remote agent (for affected servers, where the pop-up window appears)..