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Backup Exec 15 and ESXi 5.0

Hi All,

I am wondering if anyone can shed light on this, 

We currently run BackupExec 2012 and need to upgrade to BackupExec 15, do you know if we will still be able to backup and restore VMs from our ESXi 5.0 servers?

I know the SCL doesn't list it but i was hoping it would still work.



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Re: Backup Exec 15 and ESXi 5.0

Since it is not in the SCL, it is not supported. If you encounter any problems, you are on your own


Re: Backup Exec 15 and ESXi 5.0

Juts to give a bit of background on this


Backup Exec has to use the VDDK (supplied by VMware but installed under permitted software distribution controls by us onto Backup Exec servers)

Each VDDK released by VMware can only support a small range of ESXi and vCenter versions.

Unfortunately the VDDK that supports ESXi 6.x does not support (and as far as I know will not work with) any ESXi version older than 5.1 and you cannot install multiple VDDK versions on a system as they conflict.

As such for the current version of BE to work with the current version of ESXi we had to withdraw support for ESXi 5.0 and earlier.




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