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Backup Exec 15 and Vmware not in Sync

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Im experiencing some issues on my Backup Exec 15 installation.
I changed the layout in my VCenter regarding the servers but Backup Exec 15 is not updating its layout in the credentials view.

Because Backup Exec is not updating this view i get warnings that my credentials are not oke.
First my servers where in subfolders in Vcenter and the credentials didnt work so i placed them in the root of the Vcenter.

Now when i open Backup Exec 15 i see the new layout (all servers in the root) and i see the subfolders (wich i deleted in ESX) with the servers in them.

Credentials are ok for all the servers in the root
Credentials are fault for all the servers in the subfolders (altho these servers are not there in ESX anymore)

Is there a way to sync Backup Exec 15 with ESX without brakinig a trust or removing the Vcenter from the backup Exec installation ?


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Remove the VC and then re-add it and see if this works.


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If you move VMs between folders (and spevifically selevetd the individual VMs originally) you have to delete the selections and recreate them.

Best way to do this is Edit the selection list, go to the details view which shows a text representation of what was selected.

Delete every specifically selected VM that has moved folders.

GO back to the graphical view for selections and re-select the VMs.


This problem happens to any specifically selected objects that have moved from their original location, it is not specific to VMware selections - if a high level container was selected and the objects are only moved between sub-containers then the backups should not be affacted.

As another example if you specifically select a subfolder within top-level folder on a windows volumes (so via the drive letter and drill down) instead of the whole drive letter and then move that subfolder to be somewhere else on the same volume then your backup will fail unless you use the details view to delete the old reference and then re-select. However if the whole volume is selected and then you move a subfolder the backup stil works

Basically if you select specific sub-objects you disable dynamic inclusion and once you do this you have to manually adjust selections if things change.








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I will try this solution tonight and will let you know if it worked.
Thx for the comments both!