Backup Exec 15 incremental backups

I just took over an office that was using backup exec 15 for their databackups.  Well the fileserver just failed so I was looking at the possiblity of doing a restore of the data but having an issue.

First off the backups for data was configure to perform 1 full every month and incrementals every 3 days.  The problem I'm having is that both jobs were configured to keep the files for a week.  So on Monday (05/20) I was able to see all of the restore points for the latest incrementals (05/14) and fulls, but these appearently expired on Tuesday (05/21) due to the setting to keep the files for 1 week.  So now when I attempt a restore I don't see any of the restore points I saw on Monday.

My question is the backups failed on 05/20 due to an issue on the file server, will the backup files (incrementals configured to run every 3 days and keep files for only 1 week) still expire if the next scheduled backup doesn't complete successfully?  Does the files go into a recyle bin untl the next successful backup?  By the way the system is configured to do backups to a network share, and when I browse the location I don't see any backup files for the backups from 05/20 and earlier.


Hope this makes sense. Thanks

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What happened to the backup on 5/17?

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The fileserver crashed so it wasn't able to connect to the server to complete the backup.

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Since your last backup is on 5/14, as per your retention setting, this last backup expired on 5/21 and hence it and the entire backup chain was deleted.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a recycle bin for backup sets because they occupy a lot of space and everybody wants to reclaim this space for newer backups.

You could have prevented the last backup and the earlier backups from being deleted by retaining the last backup.

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I was afraid of that, thanks for your reply.  I was at least hoping that the older backup files would get deleted after a successful backup was completed.

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If I was able to restore the deleted .bkf files and run an inventory and catalogue, will I be able to perform a restore of the data?

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