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Backup Exec 15 reports error 57 "Parameter is incorrect" after removing 1 of 2 LTO drives

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We have an IBM 3573-TL Tape library with 2 LTO (6 and 7) drives,

This week the LTO6 crashes and was removed phisically from the library for technical service.

We have deleted it also from the BE Storage, but something may be wrong, since every job that need to access the LTO7 now ends with a "Parameter is incorrect" error.

The operation with the Library interfase allows to move media, and perform an inventory without any problem. But inside BE we cannot do either a catalog or an inventory job.

When trying to perform a Backup job it remains queued indefinitely while analyzing resources.

Any suggestions?



I suspect that the library is a bit confused about it's new configuration and therefore Backup Exec is confused about the LTO7 drive, it's location and/or it's configuration.

Is the LTO7 drive in the lowest numbered drive bay?  I do not recall if that is a requirement for this library model.

I have seen this library confused before and a power cycle does not correct it.  The best solution is to do the "factory default" option to reset the library.

If you prefer to investigate this more deeply, I would suggest using the tracer.exe program (in your Backup Exec folder) to see exactly what the communication between Backup Exec and the tape library is.  I suspect the the library is failing a command when Backup Exec tells the library to move a tape to the LTO7 drive.

When you receive the repaired LTO6 drive, you MAY need to use the factory default option again, but the I think that library usually doesn't get confused when adding drives, only removing them.


Thanks in advance for your answer.

This Windows Server is installed in a VMWare VM. Both drives are fibre channel type.

The Robot Library is installed in SCSI 0:2, and the LTO7 at SCSI 0:4.

At this moment I don't remember if the removed LTO6 was at SCSI 0:3

Do you suggest to assign this port to the remaining LTO7 drive?

Or locating LTO7 at the old LTO6 bay inside the robot libreary is enough?


I don't think your issue is related to SCSI addressing, but it could be.

I suspect your issue is within the library itself.  Moving the LTO7 drive to the library drive bay that used to hold the LTO6 MIGHT resolve things, but hard to tell without more details.

I  think doing a factory reset on the library might be easiest.