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Backup Exec 16 - AWS S3 or Tape Gateway

Level 2

 I currently have the aws tape gateway setup to do weekly backups for our servers.  Its working well minus the auto ejecting after the job is over (will see if this issue still happens with backupexec 16, just upgraded yesteraday).  I noticed backupexec 16 has the ability to add AWS S3 as a storage.  Can someone please explain the advantages/disadvantages of s3 versus tape gateway?   



Level 5

s3 storage automatically satisfies two pieces of the 3-2-1 rule.

I like tapes because you buy them once every 10 years.

I was referring to AWS Tape Gateway.  Not physical tapes :).  

Oh, right, OK.

I see where the question comes from then. If you can already hook up S3 as a storage target, why use VTL?

I'm thinking Read Only is a big part of it. Could be wrong though, cheers.