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Backup Exec 16 - Active : Queued

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Afternoon Experts;

I am pretty new with Backup Exec 16, used some very old versions but had to come back to this due to a client.

I have setup some new jobs direct to Amazon S3 and the test jobs work fine.

I already had an issue of the pre-scan taking forever so i removed that.

I can't get past the Job Status : Active : Queued.

I have restarted the services, the server and cannot figure out what is queuing this up.

I read on one of the other posts about this topic that something might be waiting for a confirmation?

Where would i see that? I double click or right click and goto job history or job activity but i don't see anything that is selectable other than the "Cancel Job " button in the top right corner.

Is there anything else you can suggest to try?

P.S. This is a brand new Trial we were going to move another license over to if we get this cloud backup working ( support would not help me since we were not having issues with the old server that has the license on it), #2 LiveUpdate has been ran and we are completely patched. Version 16.0 Rev. 1142 and 1142.1644 on the administrative console.


Any direction to look at would be helpful.


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First could you test cloud connect optimizer
How do you connect to aws ? Do you use an Amazon Cloud Gateway ?
If yes you should try to test its configuration

I am suspecting that network latency is the root cause of your issue.

You try to use opendedupe intégration