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Backup Exec 16 Console crashing after dotNET Framework 4.8, but we lack entitlement info to fix

Level 2

Frustrating issue because we find ourselves between a rock and a hard place:

We inherited our client from their previous IT provider who upped and disappeared overnight, without contact. We've managed via whatever written records they had on hand, with minimal issues so far. However a recent Exchange update required dotNET Framework 4.8 be installed and as a result the Backup Exec console now crashes on startup whenever we attempt to load it. I did some quick digging online and found this is a known issue with a known hotfix. Unfortunately the hotfix cannot be downloaded without logging into our Veritas account with entitlements, and there's the rub: we don't have one.

We located an account that had been setup, but it has no products attached to it. And we have no other records that we can locate. Our assumption is this may have been tied to the previous IT provider's own accounts instead.

I called Veritas support, but they couldn't find record of the client's company name. They attempted to get information from the server, but to do so they have to open the Console, which is the entire reason we're in this mess. They have no solutions other than to come here and ask for advice. And so I do.

Is there any way to pull our entitlement information from a file on the system so we can get the support we need to download this hotfix? Or any other workarounds we could consider?

Thank you.