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Backup Exec 16 FP2 hotfix problem

10-11-2019,09:51:15 : Unable to find a drive with enough free disk space on SQL server DBASE for backup of BEDB database. Patch requires 43778048 of free disk space to backup BEDB database. Free necessary disk space and re-apply patch.
+ 10-11-2019,09:51:15 : ERROR: Patch has failed to backup BEDB database. Rolling back patch process. Return Code : 1603
+ 10-11-2019,09:51:15 : ERROR: BEMSI;InstallManager.dll;InstallManager.cpp;-1603:IM_PatchRunBEMig()-PatchBackupBEDB()
+ 10-11-2019,09:53:25 : V-225-136: The patch failed to install. Return code: 1603 ***To search for information about this error, click here
C:\ - 5.3 Gb free
D:\ - 33 Gb free
E:\ - 133 Gb free
The Backup Exec pc in the SQL Server Local Administrator group