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Backup Exec 16 Server stuck discovering resources

Level 3

I know the stuck "discovering resources" problem has been around forever with BUE so I don't expect there's a reasonable fix for it, so I have a different question: Has anyone figured out a way to alert for when it happens?

Let's be honest here- it's a somewhat common problem and my BUE 16 server is no exception. When it happens, it seems to disrupt the BUE server or at least one of the two tape libraries so that subsequent jobs can't run which is much larger problem.

In a perfect world, there would be a BUE job option called "maximum time allowed to discover resources" after which the discovery is killed or the job is killed resulting in job failure. This way at least I'd be able to set a notification for job failure to see what is causing it and it would only affect the one job/server that is having the problem, not all jobs that occur after it.

This doesn't seem to be an unreasonable ask. If not avaialble so way already, perhaps Veritias can add it as an option, even a registry setting that will put a limit on discovery before the job fails.



Level 3


I don't think that Veritas are interested in solving it... I moved from BE 2010 to 2018 and to be honest the issue didn't occur once I'd done this (and put Windows 2012 instead of 2008 as the OS.

Then last week it happened again after I installed a BE update. I had to resolve as I always did, by running a repair on BE. Under 2010 I had to do this every time a Patch Tuesday update happened.

I sufferred with this issue for years so I do sympathise. I think maybe there's an alert for if a job doesn't start by a certain time but I think this doesn't apply as the job has started...



Thanks for your input. I haven't tried a repair yet but an in-place upgrade from BUE16 to BUE20 has been on my radar.

I think I'lll do that some time soon and see if that helps.