Backup Exec 16 - Snapshot SQL/Copy

Hello all.

I couldn't find the answer searching the community, but my apologies if there's a thread about this already created.

I currently have a backup setup where it creates a Full Backup on Friday, and incrementals Monday through Thursday.  Looking at the backup methods under Backup Sets of my storage, I see Snapshot SQL/Full, Snapshot/SQL Incremental, and Snapshot SQL/Copy for my completed backups.

I think I understand Snapshot SQL/Full and Snapshot SQL/Incremental, but unsure what is done with Snapshot SQL/Copy.  Can a kind being assist on explaining what that is for me?  Thank You!



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Re: Backup Exec 16 - Snapshot SQL/Copy

Check in the job configuration and under the Microsoft SQL section look to see if "Create on-disk copies of SQL backups to be placed on the SQL server where the database is located" is checked or not.